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Artist's Statement

An artist's statement is supposed to say big, important sounding things about how the artist views his or her work and how it springs from something deep within. It might make claims about the interconnectedness of all things, or some kind of mystical energy that drives the artist to create. Don't go looking for that here. I'm far too practical to say anything like that.

I create art because it's fun. I sculpt because I think and feel in three dimensions, not two. Is that too simple?

No matter. I love to sculpt. I fell into it by accident, but once I started, I couldn't stop. I may slow down for various reasons, but I don't stop.

Sculpting makes use of skills that don't get used much in other parts of my life. In addition, I get a chance to learn new things, spend time fiddling with tools, making a mess, and - on occasion - I sell a piece of art to someone who actually wants it. Learning, playing, and personal validation. That's a great set of reasons to do almost anything.

You may want to know about the various media I work in. At the moment, they include:

My subject matter and style are hard to pin down. I've done abstracts, vessels, and representational work. I carve whatever strikes my fancy, limited by what works with the rock I have in front of me. Maybe someday I'll specialize in some style all my own, but for now I do whatever I want.

A few words about my carving methods: I do some carvings with tools and techniques that Michaelangelo would recognize. Others I do with pneumatic tools and electric grinders that he could only have dreamed of. Regardless of the tools, though, it's my hands that do all the work. There is something wonderfully relaxing about actually working and polishing stone. It makes the cares of the day disappear.

I enjoy creating these sculptures, and I hope you enjoy looking at them. Please contact me if you have questions about any of this work.

Thank you!