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The form below will send me (and only me) an email. Fill in the fields and hit send. I'll reply as soon as I can if you give me a way to reach you.

Lately I have noted several people asking me to call them and providing a phone number, but no description of what they are interested in. In general I do not do that. I am just an artist, and won't call people out of the blue. Please tell me what you are requesting or interested in at a minimum, and please excuse me if I only reply via email, at least at the beginning. I have a lot going on, and email is much easier for me to handle at this point. Thank you for your understanding.

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I am sorry this is required, but this form gets quite a bit of spam, believe it or not.

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If you would rather just send me email please use the following address:

jrpstonecarver (at) gmail (dot) com