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Veteran of Foreign Wars

Veteran of Foreign Wars Veteran of Foreign Wars
Veteran of Foreign Wars was an early figurative piece. I saw something vaguely like an alligator head in the stone - an opaque orange Utah alabaster - and decided to try it. The problem was that there wasn't quite enough stone to support the size of the piece I had in mind. I could have shrunk the whole thing down a bit to make it fit, but instead I left some of the raw stone on one side, where one eye and part of one nostril should be. In the end, the piece looked more like a dragon than an alligator, so it was very foreign, and the bits of raw stone left behind made it look as if it had been wounded in battle. Thus the title.

I'd like to thank the collector that bought this piece. He's the first person to buy a sculpture from me, and also the first one to buy a second some time later. Thank you very much!

Dimensions: About 10 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 4 inches tall.


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