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This Piece Has No Title

This Piece Has No Title This Piece Has No Title
I like self referential titles, particularly ones that cause paradox. I'd originally envisioned this piece as a sail, billowed out in the wind, but when the center obviously had to come out, I changed my mind. The results are very nice, but it isn't a sail anymore.

The orange/pink spot is an inclusion. Inclusions are pockets of different kinds of stone within the larger stone being carved. In this case, the base stone is a white alabaster - looking much like some marbles because of the veining. The inclusion - while I don't know the type of stone - is crystalline, quite pretty, and much harder than the alabaster itself. I had no choice but to leave it in place once I had it exposed. First because I liked it, and second because it isn't easily possible to know how far back it goes.

This piece was David and Nina's wedding gift.

Dimensions: Approximately 13 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 5 inches deep.


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