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Swoosh Swoosh
Swoosh was carved from yet another scrap of translucent white Italian alabaster. It's quite a striking piece, but it's best seen in a bay window, with a few low potted plants around it, and the morning sun streaming through it from behind. Then it really shines, so to speak.

As an aside, note the difference in these two pictures. They were both taken with the same camera, on the same background, one right after the other. The only difference comes from the way the camera adjusted itself for the conditions based on the bright white (and somewhat opaque) patch of stone visible in the image on the right. I fiddled with the images for a long time trying to make them look similar, and finally gave up.

Dimensions: Swoosh sold before I managed to note the dimensions. Doing my best to guess from memory, it is approximately 10 inches high (including the base) and about that wide. The stone is only 2 or 3 inches thick, but the tail of the base extends back several more inches to provide stability.


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