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Possibility Possibility Possibility
I purchased the original stone for Possibility several years before I carved it. It's translucent white Italian alabaster, one of my favorite carving stones, but this was cut flat on all sides but one. Starting from a nearly perfectly rectangular shape like that drove me crazy in some ways.

I determined at one point to work on it in the carving class I teach. That's a decision based on practicality. I can carry a stone of that size easily (it was only about 60 pounds) which is a requirement for whatever I am working on in class.

I hauled that stone to and from class innumerable times, staring at it and trying to determine what I would carve. This is part of my usual procedure. I need a pretty decent plan before I start carving. Sometimes I draw pictures to guide me, but usually I just visualize the final work. The accuracy of that final vision varies but I need to know what my goal is before starting or I feel lost.

In this case, I finally saw what I wanted and began to carve. That initial vision was of sails. I began carving for an evening, and cleaned up with the rest of the class. The next week I got out the stone, looked it over, and the vision of sails was gone. Or rather, it was still there, but it no longer agreed with the stone.

Instead of carving, I stared at the stone again that night and decided on a new form. The next week, I began carving that. The following week I stopped again, as what I saw wasn't right either.



At about the fifth pass at this, I determined that my new form would be something vaguely figure eight or "swoosh" shaped. (Trying to name the actual form isn't easy. It's a flowing, organic form in my mind, but beyond that there aren't good names.) In any event, I carved that night in class, and took it home. However, the following morning I got it back out and pulled out my power tools. It had become clear to me that I was dealing with too many choices. I had to get past the point of no return with this carving, or I would never get it done.

So I set to it, working in such a way that I couldn't change my mind yet again. And it worked. In a few hours I had the shape roughed out to the point that my vision and the stone were in agreement. It was no longer possible to change plans. All that remained was final shaping, polishing, and mounting.

When it was done and I had to give it a name, Possibility was the obvious choice. The stone had presented me with so many possibilities that I'd been overwhelmed. It took decisive action to get it finished. Perhaps any of the other sculptures I'd envisioned in that stone would have been equally successful, but only one could emerge in the end.

And I must admit I am very happy with the end result.

Dimensions: Possibility is yet another work I don't have dimensions for. The base is 8 inches round by 1 inch thick black granite. Using that as a guide, I think the overall piece is probably something like 14 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 8 inches deep.


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