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Oscar the Wild

Oscar the Wild Oscar the Wild
Oscar the Wild Oscar the Wild
Oscar the Wild got his start as a carving demonstration at an art show. I was chiseling away on the rock and people would ask what I was carving. Trying to explain this - particularly since I wasn't working with pictures - was rather difficult. I kept saying "He's a gargoyle like creature, with a big beak, stubby tail, and two clawed feet pulled up beneath him," but no one could see him.

At the next art show I showed the finished piece and solicited names from people visiting my booth. "Oscar the Wild" was the best suggestion.

The stone is alabaster from Utah, mostly green, but shading into red across the face.

Last I knew, and as befitting one of his nature, Oscar the Wild was lurking in the entry of a house in Los Gatos, checking out the visitors, and perhaps causing a bit of mischief when he can.

Oscar the Wild is also the father of a dynasty. A limited edition of twenty bronze castings in various patinas is in process.

Dimensions: Approximately 8 inches tall and 13 inches from the tip of his beak to the tip of his tail.


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