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Gray Curves

Gray Curves Gray Curves Gray Curves
Gray Curves gets its name from its flowing shape, and that came came from the original stone. It holds the eye, and that was my intent.

It's carved from pumice - also called feather rock or feather stone - a very light and easy to work stone. In fact, pumice is mostly made of air, but despite being soft it is a very hard on tools. I use beat up old cold chisels and files when working on pumice as it tears up tools so quickly. I never use my good tools on it.

There is no way to polish pumice. Instead, it is smoothed with files to get the final shape. As in any stone, some of the inclusions are much harder than the surrounding material. Structured carbide grinding bits in a die grinder, or abrasive masonry grinding disks in an angle grinder and handle those areas.

Anyone wanting to carve pumice should be careful. The dust is very bad for the lungs. Wear a mask while working, and work the stone wet to keep the dust down.

Dimensions: I don't have accurate dimensions for Gray Curves, but as I recall it was about 20 inches tall, and perhaps 10 inches wide at its widest point.


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