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I carved a shark fin some years back, and it sold immediately at the show during which I finished it. Now I save my stone scraps and occasionally display schools of fins at shows and events.

They can be carved from any stone I work with - alabaster, soapstone, travertine, and others. As a result the come in different colors and sizes. Some are clearly shark fins, but others belong to orca, dolphins, or whales. Some are more fanciful than others, and therefore come from a fish no man has ever seen.

They make great paperweights, and allow more people to acquire my work. They're also just plain fun.

Dimensions: Sizes vary quite a bit, but are generally somewhere in the vicinity 3 inches tall and 3 inches long.

Since these pieces are carved from scraps, I usually have some available. Please contact me and ask about them if you are interested.

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