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Bronze Oscar

Bronze Oscar Bronze Oscar Bronze Oscar
Bronze Oscar Bronze Oscar Bronze Oscar
Bronze Oscar is a limited edition of 20, lost wax, bronze casts taken from an original stone sculpture of a whimsical - and perhaps mischievous - creature. As you can see, various patinas are available.

Each casting is unique. I personally clean and adjust the wax cast that will be used in the process and finish the rough bronze for the final patina. I admit to letting someone who knows what he is doing handle the molten metal, though. Each patina is applied by the patineur in my presence, so I can adjust the final result as needed. (The casting and patina are done with Sean Monaghan at Bronze Works in Santa Cruz, CA.)

With an occasional coat of wax, Bronze Oscar is suitable for outdoor display.

Dimensions: 18 inches long, 8 inches tall, and about 9 inches side to side. The weight varies somewhat with the casting, but is generally over 20 pounds.

To date, the following casts have been made:

Cast Status Patina
1 Sold blue-green
2 Sold pewter
3 Sold blue-green
4 Sold cinnamon
5 Sold blue-green
6 Available pewter
7 Available blue-green

Additional castings of Bronze Oscar will be available until the total of 20 is reached.

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