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27 in 07 Totals Page

Welcome to the statistics pages for the 27 in 07 forum,

These pages will be updated regularly to show how the various participants are doing on meeting their reading goals.

Remember: this is NOT a competition!

Read, write your reviews, comment on what others are reading and the reviews they write, but most of all, have fun and read more!

The ordered list of forum contributors follows. Entries with a green background are for people who have achieved the goal of 27 book reviews. Click on a name to see the specific books they have reviewed.

Last revised: Thu Apr 17 20:39:42 2008

Forum Participants:
 121   malabar 
 82   Eisworth 
 60   Patguy 
 53   jeffp 
 48.5   ariel05 
 48   twunny 
 34   edting 
 33   ren 
 30   el dogo 
 27   galactic_dev 
 23   Samurailynn 
 20   jeffcon0 
 20   shaw 
 12   magpie 
 7   jmanna 
 5   Earwax 
 4   crystaldearest 
 1   grasshopper 
Summary Totals:
 19   Forum Participants 
 654   Reviews Written 
 621   Different Books Reviewed 
 460   Authors Reviewed 
Most Reviewed Titles:
 7  Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows 
 4  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 
 3  Out of the Silent Planet 
 3  The Road 
 2  A House for Mr. Biswas 
 2  A Passage to India 
 2  Beyond Civilization 
 2  Ender's Game 
 2  God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything 
 2  Imperial Life in the Emerald City 
 2  Letter To A Christian Nation 
 2  Lisey's Story 
 2  Madame Bovary 
 2  Perelandra 
 2  Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs 
 2  Slaughterhouse Five 
 2  Snow Flower and the Secret Fan 
 2  The Complete Stories of Truman Capote 
 2  The God Delusion 
 2  The Happiness Hypothesis 
 2  The Magus 
 2  The Sirens of Titan 
Most Reviewed Authors:
 16  J. K. Rowling 
 13  Terry Pratchett 
 8  Kurt Vonnegut Jr. 
 7  Harry Harrison 
 6  Stephen Ambrose 
 6  Truman Capote 

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